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This case is terrific

This case is terrific. It seemed like a lot of money at first but when you need something like this you really need it! It is extremely well-made and beautifully engineered. It definitely will not fit the original PAX because of this terrific engineering. It fits the PAX 2 perfectly and doesn't let it bang around. It is discreet and looks like just another sunglasses case in my purse. Well done, and highly recommended. Now I need to find something not so pungent to fill the PAX with because when you take it out of the case, you can really smell what a great job it had been doing!

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A Respectable Adult, Amazon Customer

Surprisingly great product

$24 seemed a little too good to be true, but like everyone else has said, it's actually an incredible product. It's made of good sturdy material, is very good at keeping any smells out, and is easy to use/take around with you.

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Andrew, Amazon Customer

Even a k9 wouldn't smell it

This thing... is awesome. Ive had various "smell proof" containers before that were not as advertized. This one is. I tested it thoroughly (more on that in a min) The only thing i dont like about it is that it makes the pax bulky, and it loses some of its 'low profile' appeal. But, if a K9 was ever sniffing around my car, i'd rather have smell proof than low profile. I would feel comfortable walking by a police dog with this thing in my pocket.

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JB, Amazon Customer

Worth every penny

Works perfectly. Before the case every now and then I'd catch a lot of smell from my front pocket (or wherever it was). The skunk case completely eliminates. All over. Very durable. This is seems like you could chunk it off a mountain and you could hit the vape when you got to the bottom lol they also have wraps and decals (I have starry nights) for purchase. 10/10. Thanks fellas.

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Casey H., Amazon Customer