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About Us

Frantic Labs started with a need for a Pax case and love of creating things on a 3D printer. In 2014, when I got my first Pax device, I searched the market for a case I could carry in my pocket that would offer protection and contain odor, but there was no such thing. The only solution was to make one on my own. My first prototype was made using Solidworks software and a 3D printer. After I got a design dialed in that I liked, extra cases were made and given to friends who said, “This is great!” and suggested I sell them.  I threw the Pax cases up on eBay and got a lot of great feedback from users about how much they liked it and also how to make it better. I have incorporated their suggestions into new designs as well as improved them based on my own usage. Some cases and prototypes are still made using the 3D printer, but demand has grown and the cases are mass manufactured now.

These non-metal containers can be used for a variety of purposes--household, kitchen, camping, travel, storage, transport of super smelly spices, medicine, matches--anything that needs to be kept dry & protected at your home or car from landlords, visitors, family members, neighbors, bosses, people with allergies, etc.  Keep smelly property damage away & order one today!

I am an electrical engineer by trade and take pride in getting things right and enjoy hearing from users of the case. If you have a suggestion on how to improve it or would like to see something made, please contact me at

Frantic Labs is located in Austin, Texas, USA.